San Diego housing association requiring proof of marriage

A recent proof of marriage question:

Premarital-17280771My parents eligibility in the San Diego housing program now requires proof of marriage by the housing association of San Diego. This appears to be a new requirement as they have never requested it before. My parents were Cambodian refugees who escaped the war in Cambodia over 30 years ago and have no documents from their lives there, least of all any marriage documents. I thought they were in a common law marriage but found out that particular law isn’t valid in California. They never filed for a marriage certificate while in America but have gotten their citizenship. On their certificate it states that they are married. Is that enough proof of marriage? If not, what recourse can be taken?

Our Answer:

I take it the “certificate” referred to is a certificate of citizenship. You won’t know whether the housing association will find it acceptable until you ask them, so ask them. If they don’t, it’s simple enough, and I hope quick enough, for your parents to just get married here. Getting married again here, if they were already married in Cambodia, won’t do any harm.

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