Contested vs uncontested divorce

HarassmentThough it may be hard to imagine, there is such thing as a civil divorce settlement. In simpler terms, not every divorce is as messy as the rest, not all divorces are contested. Some people peacefully come to terms with a fractured marriage, and agree to split with as little legal involvement as possible. So, when approached by a potential client inquiring about whether or not she and her husband could “just agree on the terms of divorce and have it written out”, our answer was yes.

In this case, the couple had mutually agreed upon how to split the debt and other financial issues. The wife understood that by law her husband was entitled to half of her 401k plan. He, in turn, agreed to waive that right in lieu of the wife taking on the financial burden of the couple’s shared debt. With that being said, the couple could certainly have their divorce written out in the form of a marital settlement agreement. This would be considered an uncontested divorce. However, they should still have it done by an attorney, and one who is willing to act merely as a scribe rather than as an advocate for either of the spouses. What’s more, it shouldn’t be very expensive.

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Legal Eagle Podcast from Stan Prowse and The Andrea Kaye Show

Stan-RadioThe Andrea Kaye Financial News and Talk radio show and Carlsbad attorney Stan Prowse have together created these Legal Eagle audio segments focused on Family Law and help for military service members.

With the impact of divorce on families today the segments have sought to cover the wide variety of difficulties couples may face when either contemplating or going through a divorce. Topics such as legal separation verses divorce, contested and uncontested divorce, child custody issues, senior divorce and the expenses of divorce, family law for military, and the issues of PTSD, have all been covered in a helpful informational manner.

Like the rest of the legal article content provided on the web site, they are intended to help the listener gain a better understanding of the law and the legal system so they will not feel intimidated and helpless should they face a divorce or family issues that require the help of a family law attorney. Each radio show segment has been recorded in a conversation interview style with Andrea Kaye as programming host with insightful questions and easy to understand responses by Mr. Prowse.

“This has been a valuable opportunity allowing us to reach people who might not come across our web site.  Andrea also raises new issues in our conversations.  Everyone learns something every time she has me on the show.  She’s great!” Stan Prowse.

About the Law Office of Stan Prowse.
Attorney Stanley has been practicing law for over thirty years. Stan is a graduate of J.D. Harvard Law School ’73, M.A. Columbia University and B.A. Yale University. Stan has also served as a Mediator, Judge Pro-Tem and is a Certified Family Law Specialist, Licensed to practice in California, Maryland, Washington D.C., & Georgia.

About the Andrea Kaye Show – Financial News and Talk radio
The Andrea Kaye Show is a unique “variety hour show” unlike anything broadcast in San Diego and Southern California.  Andrea Kaye, “Dynamite in a Dress”, is an actor, on camera spokesperson and host. The Andrea Kaye Show combines business, political science and entertainment experience into an exciting hour of hot topics, political debates, celebrity interviews, entertainment reports, topical business discussions, contest prizes and more.

“Divorce is a painful subject that I had no personal experience with until recently through a close family member. Since The Andrea Kaye Show is a forum for both information and entertainment, I wanted to help others who were facing similar situations and didn’t know where to turn. I searched for months until I found the BEST family law attorney in San Diego to help my listeners with advice, tips and encouragement.”
Andrea Kaye

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