Divorce and Handsome Princes

Parents swear, and children sufferA frequent complaint among women seems to be, ‘Where have the men gone?’

I’ve been divorcing people for a long time, and I think I may know part of the answer.  In the vast majority of divorces, husbands are still the high earners.  Therefore, they wind up paying spousal support to their ex-wives for what seems like eternity.  Sometimes it is an eternity – they pay until their ex-wife dies.

To make matters worse, for decades divorce has been no fault.  But wives cheat too, and it generally takes two to tango, but a judge doesn’t care about that when spousal support (aka alimony) is under consideration.  It’s no fault divorce.

Most men are convinced ex-wives get the mine and ex-husbands get the shaft.  Even if the sterotype isn’t true, it’s a discouraging prospect for guys.

Women’s liberation has gone hand in hand with no fault divorce.  Even if the majority of wives are still the low earners, in the public arena women are equal to men, outperform men in school, and are on the verge of dominating at least one profession (the practice of law).  The ideal modern woman is self sufficient.

But despite their elevated status, personal observation indicates that the heart of Cinderella is still beating inside most modern women, in anticipation of finding a Handsome Prince.  Unfortunately, the heart of the Handsome Prince doesn’t seem to be beating inside most modern men.

They don’t seem to want the obligation of taking financial and emotional care of women who are supposedly equal or more equal than they are, particularly when they suspect the financial obligation may survive marriage, and when a would-be princess no longer demands proof of love and loyalty before a roll in the hay.

Whether or not they articulate it clearly, most modern males view the role of the Handsome Prince as a thankless task that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

A potential Handsome Prince now concludes, if women are so superior, so smart, and multitask like magicians, let them take care of themselves, and having reached that conclusion, the potential Handsome Prince renounces the throne.  A would-be Cinderella’s search for a Handsome Prince may be never ending.  With relatively few exceptions, there may only be boys out there, who are content to be commoners instead of royalty.

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