Getting Enough Time with Your Chidren?

Child-SuportMoms, did you see your kids on Mother’s Day?  Dads, will you see your kids on Father’s Day?  What’s happening this summer?  Getting the short end of the stick?  Enforcing or modifying time share or visitation orders is not necessarily an emotional and financial nightmare.  Talk to us about your problems.  When you’re well prepared by us, private mediation can work.  If the court can’t be avoided, you’ll always go to formal mediation before the hearing, at least in California, and that can also work if you’re well prepared.  Lastly, a hearing doesn’t have to be traumatic.  Judges pay more attention and like you better if both of us remain cool, calm, and collected.  Believe it or not, they do try to do the right thing.  We just need to convince them that the right thing is what you’re asking for. Remember too that California judges now have to pay more attention to what kids want. If your child wants to see more of you, you’re in good shape.

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Stan Prowse

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